We are a team of expert developers and marketer and of course pet lovers. Besides these, we have a different identity that we are the team of founders and cofounders of Trade sights Web Service, a leading IT solution provider in India. Our love towards the pet influences us to develop a dedicated social media platform for pets to improve their present situation in India.


We are mainly well-known for providing IT services across Indian and internationally. But our love towards the pet community gives us the influence to develop the platform POPO. It’s not only just a social media platform for pets; it’s a place where pet lovers can contribute their time to improve the present situation of pets in India. Our effort is only focused to offer a better option for pet lovers.

What is POPO


POPO is India’s first mobile application dedicated to the pet community to rectify the present situation of pets in India. The application is focused to give a dedicated platform for pet lovers where they can help a pet or pet community to make the world better for them. We believe it’s our responsibly and POPO is just a step from the team of Tradesights Web Services.


Here is our team behind the idea of POPO

Mr. Debojyoti Saha

Founder and the lead developer Mr. Debojyoti Saha dedicated his time and effort to make the idea of POPO in real.

Mr. A. Das

Founder and the lead marketer Mr. Das offers the marketing ideas to reach to the pet lovers community in India.

Mrs. Poulomi Chakraborty Saha

She is the co-founder and development team leader. She offers her extreme dedication and knowledge to make the app in real.

Mr. Anirban Sarkar

He is the co-founder and the lead of the marketing team of POPO. His love towards the pets encourages him to contribute his precious experience.


The Beginning

As a team of pet lovers, we always try to do something for the pets who are suffering for their extremely bad condition which is getting more and more difficult every day. When we realized that there should have a big community connected so that everyone can help each other and here the idea of an application came. After doing some research work, we found that there is no application which is dedicated to pet and if available then their intension is not to improve the situation of pets in India.


After using our brain as a team of IT experts, we planned to develop something which will be easy to access, free of cost and mainly dedicated to the pet community of India. And at last, we come to POPO. From sharing your knowledge, to rescue a pet or do a seminar, everything is possible for the welfare of pets in India. Then it was the time for us to plan and execute the idea in real life. We planned to prepare something which will be a gift for the community.

IDEA Comes True

Now we are extremely happy to announce that our idea comes true. POPO is now available for every pet lover in India where they can support each other, help each other and do something the voiceless. We believe, change can’t happen within a few days and we also believe that we can make the change with our idea and the pet community of India who wants to do something for the Animals.