How do I Add, Edit or Delete the caption of my existing POPO post?

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  1. First, Log in to your account
  2. Select the post type from the following options ->
    1. Post(Community) – tab to Post icon to create a community post -> right-hand top you can specify privacy of the post ->at the bottom by click on Add photos icon you can add pictures to your post
    2. Rescue – tab to Rescue icon to create a rescue post ->click on the Take photo icon to add pictures ->by click on Tag icon you tag your friends -> select the Type of pet 
    3. Event – for creating an event post you must have at list one Page if you already have a page then the next step will be writing the Event title – from the Host section, you have to select any of the existing pages -> select the type of event from Event Format -> enter the event start and end date & time -> write event Details ->select Category from the category dropdown -> if the event post has any External link or Ticket link then both can be provided through the event post.
  3. For Edit or Delete any of the posts, you need to follow below steps-
    1. On the top right-hand side of the post you can find three dots (▫▫▫) like this ->click on it->Delete the post and Edit post options are their-> by click on those options existing  post can be delete or edit
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